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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Deli started to invest the nature gas and electrical furnace instead of coal, we are the first glassware manufacturer in China use nature gas.

And Deli is always strictly control the emission of our industry dust and sulfide, it’s not only providing a much better air for people around us, also making our production smoothly.

Deli will get our first roof top photovoltaic system in year 2020, estimated annual generation will be 1.6 million Kwh clean energy, saving 1200 tons of Co2 emission in every year.

From the day one of our business, Deli is trying to recycle every single drop of water. We have set up our own water treatment system, our water recycling capability is always leading the area.

In respecting of nature, Deli has kept “Eco” as the core parts of our business development, what we share is not only an elegant glassware, but also a sustainable future.

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Since the establishment of DELI in 1996, protecting and caring for the environment is essential to the way we conduct business. We focus on the efficient use of resources and on minimizing the environmental impact.

 Due to our contribution to our environment,

Government subsidies on environmental protection have granted DELI for years.

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CO2 Emission Reduction

Our investment in Environmental Protection Equipment, Technology and Methods including:

Environmental Protection is Our Responsibility