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Service Brief

Deli Sales Team provides service to our clients for over 20 years commitment with its completed service procedure and immediate response.

Deli Award-Winning Design Team provides service including product design, graphic deisgn, mold design and visual design system of brands.

Deli On-Production Engineering Team provides manufacturing consultaion, cost control management and suggestion on optimization.

Deli Quality Control Team undergoes detailed whole process quality check strictly according to the quality stand and inspection process.

Order in Stock

Immediate shipping from the one of the world's biggest stocklist of the glass tableware industry.

Special Customization

Service from DELI self-owned factories for glassware after-processing (Decal, Silk Print, Electro-plating, Spraying etc.) and package production plant Service from more than 18 Industrial Designers Team and 12 top glassware manufacturing engineers in the industry.

Product Distribution

Distribution of DELI Products:Distributors of DELI are benefited from the price guarantee in the markets, adequate bonus and support in the flexible paymennt terms. Sole Distribution of DELI Brands are ensured with local existing clients resource, advertising fund support and the training of sales skills and product knowledge.

DELI Mission



Soda Lime Glass Manufacturing Base of Deli Group
Whole Industry Chain:Self-Owned Package Factory and Post-Processing Factory
Owning Most Glass Grade Silica Sand Mines in China

Plant Area: 260,000 ㎡
Total Investment: USD 300 Million
Annual Output of Crystal Glass: 200,000 Tons
Designs of More than 3000+ SKU
Operation Staff: 2000+ Personnel
Current Capability: 60 Automatic Pressed and Blown Machine Production Line
5 Globally most efficient Tumbler and Goblet Production Lines
3 Tempered Glass Production lines
Brand: Delisoga, Green Apple, QingPingGuo, Aglaia, Gloreca
OEM&ODM Clients:P&G, Pepsi, China Eastern, LG, SIEMENS, Midea, Tmall, JD, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Carrefour, Tesco


Branch Factory Of Crystal Glass Fully-Owned by DELI Group
China’s Biggest Fully Machine Made Crystal Glass Factory
European Designs of More than 400+ SKU
Plant Area: 120,000 ㎡
Total Investment: USD 150 Million
Operation Staff: 300+ Personnel
Annual Output of Crystal Glass: 11,000 Tons
Current Capability: 2 LNG Glass Furnaces Designed by IWG Germany
3 Machine Blown Crystal Glass Production lines by FORMA Austria
5 Bottle and Jar Production lines
2 Rim Laser Cutters by Biebuyck Belgium.
Material Formulated and Techniques Installed by IWG Germany


Branch Factory Of Borosilicate Glass Fully-Owned by DELI Group
Plant Area: 120,000 ㎡
Total Investment: USD 20 Million
Annual Output of Crystal Glass: 20,000 Tons
Designs of More than 200+ SKU
Operation Staff: 180+ Personnel
Current Capability 2 Automatic Machine Pressed Borosilicate Production lines
2 Automatic Machine Blown Borosilicate Production lines
2 Electric Furnaces
Brand:Delisoga, Green Apple, QingPingGuo
OEM&ODM Clients: Pyrex Corning Ikea

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