IDELITA, The Art to Decorate Your Life

IDELITA, The Art to Decorate Your Life


The brand of IDELITA originated from the 18th century in Italy. It was designated to provided handmade crystal craftwork for European royalty and aristocracy. The Products were affected by the Renaissance, which adhered to the features of refinement, luxury, dignity, and elegance. Idelita became the famous brand of handmade crystal crafts that was loved by all European countries at that time.

Now, Idelita, the pioneer of lead-free crystal glassware in Asia, combines pragmatism with the robust traditional culture into the glassware production technology to inspire a new design culture. Our Italian designer focus on the details, created unique, passionate and superb collections that can meet consumer’s daily use, the demand for wine lovers and the hospitality industry. The comprehensive collections make your choice easier!

The professionalism, highly aesthetic, sense of extraordinary laying space, material values, the perception of coherent environment image, and the outstanding traditional production technology form the features of IDELITA’s lead-free crystal glassware. Idelita represents the vogue and elegant lifestyle that brings an enjoyable and elegant wining&dining experience.

IDELITA Excellent Quality
IDELITA Excellent Quality

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