S99MN23, Martini, 230ml

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Parameters Value Parameters Value
Capacity (ml) 230 Capacity (oz) 7.8
Height(mm) 182 Height (inch) 7.2
Top Dia.(mm) 120 Top Dia.(inch) 4.7
Bottom Dia.(mm) 82.7 Bottom Dia.(inch) 3.3
Weight(g) 210 Packing 1X6X4

Product Description

Crystal Glass  The micro surface structure of crystal glass is not as smooth as ordinary soda lime glass.  This structure makes the wine have more area to contact with air and accelerate the oxidation process of wine.  Through the microscope, it can be observed that there are more concave convex surfaces on the surface of crystal glass, and wine is more conducive to breaking the wine molecules and releasing the aroma during the wine glass shaking;  the performance of bubbles will be even better.  The concave convex surface of the cup wall can hold the foam of the wine for a long time.  

Crystal glass has better refraction than normal glass.  When you hold up a crystal cup and rotate it against the light, you will find it is sparkly like a beautiful artwork.  It is clear and glossy, reflecting the fascinating rainbow multicolor.  Because crystal can absorb gloss, even ultraviolet light, and ordinary glass has no gloss, and no refraction and impact performance. 
• Clarity
Crystal glass has incredible clarity, which is why its favored for high-end market.
 • Sound
Comparing the metal sound of normal glasses, the sound of crystal glass is more pleasant, spreading through the air with excellent rippling after-sound, which considered as "music". 
• Cold Cut
Faceted crystal glass can be buffed and polished, making it incredibly smooth to the cut.  Glass with faceted designs is often molded and tends to feature edges that are sharper and more brittle.




Idelita Crystal Glass Co.,Ltd was founded in 2011, wholly-owned subsidiary of Deli Group. It is a leading company specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of high level lead-free crystal glassware. Idelita has the whole-process capacity integrated with conceptual design, development, manufacturing, sales ,and service of products. It also has the rich experience of conducting professional development and manufacturing according to the customer’s sample or drawing. Idelita is located in Chuzhou, Anhui. The plant area is 12000M2. With a total investment of 150 million USD, the factory has an annual output capacity of 20 million crystal glassware. Idelita has successfully fulfilled the operation principles of product serialization, large-scale production and management branding. The crystal product of Idelita is crafted by the world’s top equipments, such as furnaces by IWG Germany, blown machines by Forma Austria, and laser cutters by Biebuyck Belgium. At the present, Idelita has become one of the most


professional leader in Chinese lead-free crystal glassware industry. As an importan global player in crystal glassware industry, Idelita has various of products which make your selection more easier and decorate your table more warmly to make you have the unique and elegant life! The brand of IDELITA originated from the 18th century in Italy. It was designated to provided handmade crystal craftwork for European royalty and aristocracy. The Products were affected by the Renaissance, which adhered to the features of refinement, luxury, dignity, and elegance. Idelita became the famous brand of handmade crystal crafts that was loved by all European countries at that time. Now, Idelita, the pioneer of lead-free crystal glassware in Asia, combines pragmatism with the robust traditional culture into the glassware production technology to inspire a new design culture. Our Italian designer focus on thedetails, created unique, passionate and superb collections that can meet consumer’s daily use, the demand for wine lovers and the hospitality industry. The comprehensive collections make your choice easier! The professionalism, highly aesthetic, sense of extraordinary laying space, material values, the perception of coherent environment image, and the outstanding traditional production technology form the features of IDELITA’slead-free crystal glassware.Idelita represents the vogue and elegant lifestyle that brings an enjoyable and elegant wining & dining experience.Idelita, the art to decorate your life!

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