Goblets, S83BG45, Burgundy, 450ml

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Parameters Value Parameters Value
Capacity (ml) 450 Capacity (oz) 15.2
Height(mm) 223 Height (inch) 8.8
Top Dia.(mm) 67 Top Dia.(inch) 2.6
Bottom Dia.(mm) 74 Bottom Dia.(inch) 2.9
Weight(g) 180 Packing 1X6X4

The micro surface structure of crystal glass is not as smooth as ordinary soda lime glass. This structure makes the wine have more area to contact with air and accelerate the oxidation process of wine. Through the microscope, it can be observed that there are more concave convex surfaces on the surface of crystal glass, and wine is more conducive to breaking the wine molecules and releasing the aroma during the wine glass shaking;  the performance of bubbles will be even better.

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